Aryo CMS

Contract Management System

Aryo Contract Management System (CMS) benefits

Using Aryo CMS results in improved efficiency and accuracy in managing your construction contract, saving time and costs for both clients and contractors, while reducing the likelihood of legal and financial risks. Specifically, the use of Aryo CMS for your project or organization will provide you with all the necessary tools to structure, automate,  monitor,  and execute your contract administration in a professional way.

Structure scope
and responsibilities

Structured scope per (sub)contract and no information that gets lost. Overview of the interfaces between contracts and clear division of tasks and responsibilities.

Aryo Contract Templates
UAV-GC and Fidic

Ready-to-use templates for UAV-GC 2005 and Fidic Yellow Book (D&C). Efficient process of drawing up the contract through information that is easily accessible.

Information notice (Q&A) for tender and construction

Efficient process of answering tender questions with coherence in answering. Link with other project information such as requirements and tender documents.

Aryo CMS for your full control

Aryo Contract Management System (CMS) is our dedicated software solution for contract management based on FIDIC, UAV-GC, and other contract forms. It’s designed by our construction experts to automate and simplify the management of construction contracts. It enables users to manage all aspects of a construction contract, from the initial contracting phase to the completion of the project and payment of contractual obligations.

Various functions in all project phases

Aryo CMS includes various functions such as drafting and managing contracts, capturing project objectives, tracking contract obligations and deadlines, monitoring the performance of involved parties, planning and tracking project progress and generating reports and analyses. At the same time, Aryo CMS supports automating contract-related workflows, such as approval processes, changes, and payment reminders. Aryo CMS is also a collaboration tool that is directly accessible, easy to use, and quickly deployable. Aryo CMS standardizes and automates processes and workflows based on a single source of truth.

See how to cut your contract administration time by 50% and get contract management done faster.


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