We are looking for ambitious master’s students with backgrounds in Construction Management and Engineering (CME), Technology, Policy and Management, Business Administration, or similar university degree with an interest in construction projects and IT that want to graduate at our company. Are you starting your graduation thesis soon and are you interested in Process management / Information systems / Systems engineering? Let’s connect!

Who we are and what we do

We are enthusiastic advisors in procurement, contract management, and process management. We work with full conviction on the best contract strategy, procurement, and contract management of projects. We develop wind farms on land and at sea, we work on a safe and sustainable infrastructure, and we ensure the efficient realization of buildings. In our organization, we are strongly focused on developing and sharing knowledge.

Within Aratis System Experts we help organizations and projects with the efficiency of their processes. This could be a specific process within the construction sector such as the acceptance process for a Design & Construct contract, but also other (internal) processes. We find the best solutions by applying our intelligent Project Information Management System and by bringing knowledge from different working fields.

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We would like that you:

  • Are a graduate of CME / Technology, Policy and Management / Business Administration, or similar
  • Are interested in Process Management / Information Systems / Systems Engineering
  • Have good oral and written communication skills in Dutch and English
  • Are able to work independently as well as in a team and know how to connect people
  • Knowledge and/or experience with (model-based) systems engineering, software engineering, and/or modeling languages ​​(UML, SysML) is an advantage.

What we offer:

  • An open culture with room for your ideas
  • The opportunity to get to know different facets of our work and gain practical experience.
  • Your own graduation supervisor who stimulates you in your personal development and helps you to successfully complete your graduation research.
  • Appropriate graduation compensation, your own work in our beautiful office in The Hague, and other necessary resources
  • Knowledge sessions, workshops, and interesting collaborations inside and outside Aratis.

During this period we invest in a lasting relationship with you. We see this period as a first step towards your career at Aratis Systems Experts.


Give us a call and surprise us with your CV. We are ready.

Harmen van Triest: 061 09 07 751

We would like to hear what your plans are and how we can work together.