PIMS in Windplanblauw 

In the northwest corner of Flevoland, a new wind park is being developed. Windplanblauw consists of the decommissioning of 71 aged turbines and the construction of 61 newer, more efficient turbines. In 2021, the construction of the turbines with a power output of 4 Megawatts each has commenced. In total, Windplanblauw will deliver up to 250 Megawatts of sustainable energy, serving the energy demands of about 1 million people. These 61 turbines are split into 37 onshore turbines and 24 nearshore turbines.  

The project has been commissioned by 150 local stakeholders in collaboration with Vattenfall. In order to realize the project, contracts have been signed with a group of international contractors such as Vestas, Dura Vermeer, General Electric and Ballast Nedam. Due to the involvement of various contractors and employers, this windfarm made for a highly complex undertaking. Therefore, PIMS has been implemented to manage all project information in a central location. 

Since 2018 “fully integrated PIMS” has been applied in the Windplanblauw project in order to facilitate an integral management approach to remain in control of the complexity. The project team decided in favour of PIMS due to the integrated approach of the system based on System Engineering principles combined with the support of our experts who know the system. Separate systems, local documents, externalized specialists and managers lacking oversight and control are a thing of the past due to the complete package of PIMS modules that was provided. These modules cover important processes such as Requirement Management, Risk Management, Contractor involvement and Document coordination.  

By placing our experts within the project organization, PIMS’ full potential of capabilities are used. This helps us apply a two-stage training approach (from the group to the individual) which provides the end-users with the necessary knowledge in order to get the best out of the system. At the same time, the integration of our system experts enables quick customization and optimization of the modules. When project members have certain needs, our experts use a hands-on approach to customize the modules based on those needs. A prime example of this customization is the integration of a module for automated contractual communication with contractors within PIMS in response to wishes from the project team. All in all, the “fully integrated PIMS” package proved to be able to provide a complete, integrated and customized solution for a centralized working environment in the Windplanblauw project. 

Photo credit: Windplanblauw