Windpark Greenport Venlo consists of nine wind turbines. They will be placed along the railtrack between Venlo and Horst-Sevenum. Foundations are being laid for these turbines to ensure sufficient radar coverage. The wind park produces the electricity for approximately 30,000 households. The project is being realized with the aim of making a positive contribution to the energy transition. Part of the revenues from the wind turbines will flow back to local projects that enhance the quality of the environment around the wind park.

In accordance with the Systems Engineering principles, the project information of Windpark Greenport Venlo is organized in a structured manner within our Project Information Management System (PIMS). PIMS serves as an archive for project information, but more importantly, it is set up in accordance with the processes for this specific project. This means that PIMS, together with our experts, contributes to effective process management and good project control. The following aspects and their corresponding process are fully secured in the PIMS environment for Windpark Greenport Venlo:

  • System Breakdown Structure
  • Requirements
  • Actions
  • Risks
  • Stakeholders and associated information.

The advantage of PIMS is that all project information is available in one place in a coherent and structured network. This makes it possible to approach and analyse certain project information from a different viewpoint.

PIMS was deployed early in the project with a special module for questions and answers (Information notices) during the tender. This information often turns out to be relevant in a subsequent project phase as well. Windpark Greenport Venlo benefits from the fact that this information is already available in PIMS and can be taken to the next phase without any problem. In addition, after the tender, PIMS was also used as a means of communication between Client and Contractor and the entire flow of document exchange between both parties was fully secured and facilitated within the system.

Photo credit: Windpark Greenport Venlo.