Information management for Container Exchange Route, Port of Rotterdam Authority 

As the largest seaport in Europe and one of the world’s leading ports, Rotterdam’s ambition is to be the ‘smartest port’. For this reason, the Port of Rotterdam Authority (PoR) is always looking for innovations that can make the port even more efficient, more reliable and more sustainable. An example for these ambitions is the Container Exchange Route (CER). 

By developing this project PoR is aiming to significantly improve the exchange of containers on the Maasvlakte and minimize the costs of exchanges. The CER connects deepsea terminals with barge/feeder terminals, empty depots and other locations and prevents the fragmentation of volumes for shipping companies.  

Project Information Management 

The innovative character of the CER and its sub-projects makes it very complex. The CER Track, a dedicated road network including three overpasses, connects the container terminals, supporting facilities and distribution centres. The infrastructure must also support the potential use of autonomous transport with all its associated systems and necessary terminal adaptations. With multiple stakeholders involved over the various sub-projects and phases, managing a project like the CER becomes even more complex. 

Throughout the project life cycle, information is continuously produced. Instead of storing this information in isolated applications, the CER project chose our Project Management Information System (PIMS) to ensure efficiency, information traceability and reliability. 

The project team benefits from quick and easy access to up-to-date project information such as: 

  • Documents 
  • Requirements 
  • Risks 
  • Changes 
  • Actions and many others.  

All information is web-based and available in real-time, making every workday extremely productive when no time is wasted searching for the latest information. All project information is structured in a coherent network in which links between information is visible and the impact of one change overseen. 

Flexible and User friendly 

PIMS is extremely flexible which made it possible to provide a project workspace with specific look and feel for the CER. The custom-made modules for project information were based on the needs of the project. Although none of the project team members had previously worked with PIMS, the user interface and the intuitive design behind our application contributed to easy and pleasant implementation.   

Photo credit: Port of Rotterdam Authority.